Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thanks for making this blog a success

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I just wanted to thank everyone for helping to make us a success. We have helped to promote hundreds of Libertarian news articles. On top of that our subscribers continue to grow.

Here is where we are at:

Email and feedreader subscribers: 101
Facebook friends: 171
Twitter followers: 1520

We are getting 50-250 pageviews a day, and between 20-60 unique visitors per day. Compare this to a year ago we had about 10 page views a day.

Anyway thanks for joining us on this project.

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Anonymous said...

do y'all just cover bit "L" libertarian news or all libertarian news? if it's the latter, you may want to update the text on this post. either way, keep up the good work. the freedom movement is definitely growing as it's the most peaceful, rights-respecting and prosperity-creating.

bentodd2000 said...


I cover all pro-freedom news. I have run campaigns as a Libertarian, and as a Republican. I have friends from big L Libertarians to classic conservatives. Anything that leans strongly in the direction of freedom. Although I try to stay away from topics that are divisive in the freedom movement such as abortion etc.