Monday, August 24, 2009

Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell Video

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Wayne Root on

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During Freedomfest, the annual mega-conference held in Las Vegas each July, Reason magazine Editor in Chief Matt Welch sat down online-gambling enthusiast, 2008 Libertarian Party vice-presidential nominee, and Conscience of a Libertarian author Wayne Allyn Root.

In a fast-paced and wide-ranging conversation Root examines the failure of the Barr-Root ticket to generate enthusiasm even among LP members, why online gambling (though admittedly a "minor" issue) is the gateway drug to increasing the number of small-government voters, and why California's political and economic meltdown is the model for a series of rolling "economic catastrophes" that will hit the rest of the country over the next few years.

Approximately seven minutes long. Shot and edited by Dan Hayes.

Scroll down for embed code and downloadable versions.

More fun with Wayne Allyn Root: While running for the LP nod in 2008, Root, along with Bob Barr and Sen. Mike Gravel, discuss the "Future of Libertarian Politics" in the Reason DC HQ. Watch it here or click below:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Now is the time. Libertarian Presidential candidates

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I just wanted to take a few minutes to invite people to get involved with two Libertarian Presidential candidates. Wayne Root, the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate and Ton Knapp the Editor of Rational Review, among many other things. Both candidates have announced that they are seeking the 2012 Libertarian party Presidential nomination. Take a minute to get to know the candidates and get involved in a campaign or two. I for one am excited about another crowded race for the nomination.

Wayne Root
from Wikipedia

(born July 20, 1961) is an American entrepreneur, television producer, and best-selling author. Root began his career as a professional sports handicapper, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was the 2008 United States Libertarian Party vice-presidential nominee. He is currently considered the frontrunner for the 2012 Libertarian Presidential nomination.[2]

His political talk radio show,W.A.R: The Wayne Allyn Root Show is broadcast in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. Root is also a regular guest on several of the most popular nationally syndicated radio shows in the country such as Savage Nation with host Michael Savage, The Jerry Doyle Show, and Mancow's Morning Madhouse with host Mancow Muller. Root is seen frequently on FOX News Channel with hosts Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and Neil Cavuto. Root has also made numerous appearances on FOX & Friends, the FOX News national morning show. He has also become a speaker at Tea Party events across the country.[3]

At the 2008 Libertarian National Convention, Root was eliminated on the fifth ballot in a bid for the presidential nomination, but then became the vice presidential candidate alongside Libertarian nominee Bob Barr.

Get involved:

Official site:

Yahoo groups:

Tom Knapp

Announcement of candidacy

I initially planned to announce my 2012 candidacy for the presidency of the United States on April 6th, 2009, from the steps of the Old St. Louis Courthouse (history buffs shouldn't have too much trouble figuring out why), and I still intend to conduct a campaign event of some kind at that time and in that place.

I see, however, that others are already lining up with formal announcements or at least clear indications of their own intent ... and when a fight's brewing, I prefer to get in early.

It is therefore my distinct pleasure to announce that I will seek the 2012 presidential nominations of the Libertarian Party and the Boston Tea Party.

Why run for president -- and why, especially, for the presidential nominations of two parties which together usually account for less than one percent of the popular vote in presidential elections?

I could give you lots of reasons, but I'm going to stick with three for the moment: There are some hard truths that need to be told, I'm interested in telling them, and they're most effectively told from a bully pulpit.

Among those those hard truths are that the political wing of the libertarian movement will never make substantial progress toward its goals so long as it clings to the apron strings of the failed movements and parties of the past, remains in orbit around the present political "center," or falls prey to cargo-cultish notions of what constitutes "serious" politics.

If we want a libertarian future, we must create that future, not hope that our political opponents drag us along to it. They won't. They're not going in the direction we want to go in, they have no desire to go in the direction we want to go in, and to the extent that they're interested in us at all, they regard us either as fuel to be consumed or ballast to be dumped overboard at the earliest opportunity. I don't blame them. We haven't yet given them reason to regard us as a true threat to their power. It's time to change that.

As my friend and mentor L. Neil Smith once observed, "great men don't move to the center, they move the center." It's a big center, folks. Moving it will require a long lever, with us at the far end. I don't claim to be a great man ... but I hope to be part of a great movement, and to help that movement get further out on the lever and put some weight on it.

Insofar as cargo-cultism and "seriousness" are concerned, rest assured that I have nothing against suits and ties, friendly media interviews and the other requirements of realpolitick. What I do oppose is the absurd notion that waving around "mainstreamism" like some kind of voodoo fetish will magically boost us to competitive stature versus our older, more established opponents. It won't.

The future of the libertarian movement, if it is has one, requires a principled populist approach rooted in class theory. Not the theory of the socialists (labor versus capital) or of the liberals and conservatives (ad hoc identity politics adjusted to appeal to society's phobias du jour), but rather the theory of the productive class (those who make their living through work and voluntary exchange and cooperation) versus the political class (those who siphon off as much of that productive activity as they can get away with, using the coercive apparatus of the state, for their own ends).

For these reasons, the first phase of my campaign will largely be internal to the parties and the movement; as we move on, it will become more outwardly focused, of course, but first things first.

My fundamental goal in seeking the nominations of the LP and the BTP is not to achieve those nominations or to be elected President of the United States. It is to help the libertarian movement outfit itself for a journey yet to begin -- a journey which that movement has stood stock still at the starting point of for nearly four decades now. If I achieve that goal, the nominations and the election results are of secondary importance, as I'm certain others are at least as qualified as I am to march at the front of the column. If I do not achieve those goals, then the nominations and the election results will resemble John Nance Garner's description of the importance of the Vice Presidency of the United States: "Not worth a bucket of warm spit."

I look forward to an exciting campaign, and I humbly request the support of all who value the future of freedom.

Official site:

Now is the time to get involved.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 - A money bomb for Rand Paul - US Senate Race

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Text taken from The Humble Libertarian

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How exciting! Rand Paul's run for U.S. Senate representing Kentucky is a phenomenal opportunity for the liberty movement that rallied around his father's presidential bid in 2007-08, which Congressman Ron Paul rolled forward into a perpetual Campaign for Liberty that has made serious leaps and bounds towards an audit of (and eventual end to) the Federal Reserve Bank.

One of the crucial elements of Ron Paul's success was the sheer size and determined tenacity of his grassroots support, which focused their efforts into two meteoric money bombs in November and December of 2007. It is in that spirit and for that purpose that the organizer of both those money bombs has put together to raise Rand Paul $1,000,000 in one day on August 20th.

As a poor college junior, I donated to both of the original money bombs because I believed in Ron Paul's message of limited government, strict constitutionalism, and individual liberty- and in the flawless record he had of upholding that message through ten terms in Congress. I also knew that the statists in both parties who were vying for the presidency would take a lot more than $100 from me, and that they wouldn't ask nicely when they came for it. I was making an investment in my future.

Two years later, fresh out of college, and just as broke while I wait tables in Nashville, volunteer for political causes, and work hard to grow my website, The Humble Libertarian- I have pledged at and will be donating $100 (or more if that's what it will take to hit our goal of $1,000,000) on August 20th. I implore you to do the same if you have not already done so. Visit the site and enter your e-mail address right now with the firm resolution to whip out your card or Pay Pal account on August 20th and drop a $100 bomb on tyranny.

This is such an amazing opportunity because it is a perfectly winnable seat. Open seats like this are very rare and Rand Paul is in a good position to win the Republican Primary in Kentucky and then move on to a General Election victory in 2010, putting another Dr. Paul in our nation's Capitol- a very young, charismatic Dr. Paul with many years of good work supporting liberty ahead of him. But Rand Paul CANNOT win without your donation this August 20th.

His main opponent in the Republican Primary is Trey Grayson, a big government, "country-club" Republican with deep pockets and powerful friends in the Republican machine and Washington establishment. If Rand Paul raises $1,000,000 on August 20th, he'll sail past Grayson in fundraising totals and have the budget to buy the mailers, radio ads, and newspaper ads he needs to raise his name recognition and profile in the state of Kentucky- which is absolutely necessary for victory.

If Rand Paul does not raise $1,000,000 this August 20th because you sat this one out, he will be playing catch up the rest of this primary season, and may or may not win- a risk we would be crazy to take! In total, our movement raised over $30,000,000, towards putting Ron Paul in the White House, even though we knew it was a long shot. Let's just raise 5% of that this August 20th for a U.S. Senate seat we know Rand Paul can win!

Again, I urge you- visit right now (you can come back to finish reading this article; it won't go anywhere) and pledge to donate your $100 on August 20th. Your support does matter and will make a difference. This is an opportunity to send a message loud and clear to both Washington and the Republican Party- "FREEDOM IS POPULAR!" Americans want to live in a free and civil society governed by the U.S. Constitution. This is also an opportunity to send a message to someone else...

August 20th was selected as the day for the money bomb because it is the birthday of Congressman and Presidential candidate- you guessed it- Ron Paul. Let's send him a message too: that we believe in the cause he's fighting hard for, and that we will also fight hard to send him like-minded, liberty-loving allies in Congress. He has fought this battle alone up there for too long! Want to give Ron Paul the best birthday present he could ask for this August 20th? How about a Dr. Paul in the other house of Congress?

And last but most certainly not least- after pledging at, please do just one thing to promote it to the people you know. Unfortunately, many of Ron Paul's avid supporters are still unaware that his like-minded son is making a bid for U.S. Senate and needs our help. All it would take is to make them aware, and they would be glad to drop a money bomb on August 20th. So please do at least one thing to spread the word.

E-mail one friend right now who doesn't know about the Rand Paul money bomb and urge him or her to donate. Or you can link to RunRandRun and Rand Paul's campaign website on your Facebook wall. If you're a blogger, please use one of these banners in the sidebar on your blog site. You could also Tweet about the Rand Paul money bomb on Twitter, Digg up the money bomb on Digg, or leave a comment with a link to the money bomb page on a liberty-related YouTube video, blog, or message forum.

As of this writing, there are just under 2,000 pledges at RunRandRun, and we need 10,000 to hit our goal! That means we're 20% there, which is encouraging because that's a big piece of the pie and it shows how realistic and doable this really is, but it's also alarming because we now have only 10 days left to reach our goal by the money bomb date! We can make this a success if everyone who reads these words does just two things: 1) Pledge if you have not already done so, and 2) Do just one thing to promote the Rand Paul money bomb to other freedom-loving patriots.

Thanks so much and happy bombing!

I'll see you this August 20th on Rand Paul's donation page at RandPaul2010.

-W. E. Messamore