Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend update

First I want to thank all our new members. We now have 73 members. We are well on nour way.

For those of you who just joined the digg links from Thursday and Friday are still up. You can find them HERE.

I will have new digg links up Monday. If you have digg links you would like me to use this next week please just respond to this email. If you have a website or blog and would like to exchange links you can respond to this email.

Now for one last thing. I had one complaint about ads in the feed and site. First I don't use annoying ads (popunder, full page, peel etc). Second I spend at least a few hours every day working on this project (modifiying the site, finding links, and recruiting new members) and the ad revenue does not even come close to covering my time. Third I am a Capitalist as I am sure you are.

As always the best way to help this project grow is to invite people, use our share buttons, post about us. Anything you do is appreciated.

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